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Complete Step by Step instructions for Norton Login and Activation Process

Before the login process let's have a quick tour of Norton

Norton is an antivirus and anti-malware program. It prevents viruses, spyware, worms, and Trojans from entering your device to prevent your computer from being damaged.
To do this, it performs regular analyses on your machine to protect it when you browse the internet. But especially when you download files or when you open an email. This software is constantly and automatically updated to keep your device safe. Norton Antivirus runs support both the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS platforms.
The suite is based on remarkable multilayer protection that consists of proactive defense modules for behavioral analysis (SONAR), protection against vulnerability exploitation techniques, virtualization to isolate malware in a Sandbox or even monitoring programs and files for ransomware (Threat Emulation). The suit is also equipped with the new advanced function Power Eraser responsible for eradicating the most virulent threats.

Some advanced features of Norton Antivirus

● Resident (real-time protection) antispyware and antivirus with SONAR technology, analyzing system behavior to proactively detect threats
● Detection of malware at startup and automatic analysis of removable media downloaded files
● Full or partial analysis of the computer on demand but also reputation analysis and wall analysis by Norton Safe Web.
● Protection of messaging and instant messaging,
● Norton Safe Web sites reliability and trust indicator
● Norton Identity Safe allowing to store in the Cloud its identifiers and passwords.

Norton is a reputed antivirus brand known for its high-end features and strong online threat protection. To manage and install your Norton subscription and Norton products you need to have access to the Norton web portal. For accessing the account dashboard you need a Norton account login. With the step-by-step tutorial given here, you can easily sign in to your Norton account.

Steps to create a Norton Antivirus account
Register your first Norton account

If you are a new user who is visiting the Norton Security website for the first time and you don’t have any Norton account? In that case, you have to create a new Norton account by using all the below steps:

Create your Norton Account - 
● On the Web browser open the official website login.norton.com
● Double-check that the above-mentioned link is correct, don’t enter any of your information for any other similar websites
● Click on the option “Create Account”
● Fill all the given fields properly to register your Norton account.
● Fill up the “email address” the one which you want to register with Norton and “confirm email address” on the same page.
● On the password place you have to create a very strong password- Make a note of it somewhere or save to Norton Password Manager
● Type your “First and Last name” on the Norton registration page.
● After that, you have to select your country from the drop-down list of countries given there and then you have to mention your phone number which you want to register.
● Therefore, select the option “Create Account”.
● It’s all done, and your accounts get successfully create.

Norton Login instructions for online My Norton Account

● Visit the Norton Login page login.Norton.com to initiate the login procedure.
● Select the Sign In option located at the top left side of the login page window.
● In the first field depicting account email, type the email address linked with the Norton account.

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